Black Metal

The congresswoman was hosting this house party, cocktail party thing and my buddy Bobby said I should go. I guess he thinks I’m a loser who never goes out, never goes on dates, never travels out of town. That’s basically true. Most the time on a Friday I like being alone, and I don’t necessarily […]

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The Princess of Hertod

There was once a King and a Queen who lived in a kingdom named Hertod. Their daughter Gytha was young and lovely and had many teeth – a trait the court physician said was the most positive sign of wellness. King Oluf and Queen Bothildr were very proud. Years passed, Gytha grew older, and the […]

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I really can’t stand this school. It makes me want to die. I hate the atmosphere, the people, the studying, the city. The know-it-all poly-sci majors, up-tight pre-meds, the thick-headed athletes. And I don’t know where it’s going or what I’m here for. You wake up and put yourself through class, don’t learn anything, go […]

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This is Hal

This is Hal, an infantryman, just come back from war. His eyes were sore because he’d been up for thirty-four hours, but he was wide awake. He was driving on a dark road, slick with mist, that swirled around the mountains through the trees. His daughter, Molly, was staying up late to see him. His […]

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Claire was sitting at the counter, eating her canned chili out of a bowl. It was salty and overcooked and she needed to go shopping for more supplies so she could actually cook something. She swallowed a bit of the beefy stuff and washed it down with a gulp of two-buck chuck. The taste of […]

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