This is Hal

This is Hal, an infantryman, just come back from war. His eyes were sore because he’d been up for thirty-four hours, but he was wide awake. He was driving on a dark road, slick with mist, that swirled around the mountains through the trees. His daughter, Molly, was staying up late to see him. His […]

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Edison Avenue

“Why are you turning here?” said Loretta. “It’s faster,” said Mick, spinning the steering wheel. “Umm…OK,” said Loretta. Mick kept his eyes on the road, shifting gears from second to third, accelerating the car onto the black smear of tarmac called Edison Avenue. The high beams cut into the night a few hundred feet, and […]

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Sleepy Time Harriet

Sleepy time, but I don’t want to because of the nightmares. A dark figure chases me through my dreams. He wears overalls and speaks in a crisp voice. “Hold still,” he says. I don’t run. I can’t. His hands, somehow, grow huge and cup around me. As I get crushed I try to wake myself […]

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Five college friends spend break hanging out in the back country. One night’s ghost story leaves Amy feeling restless, and she soon concludes her friends are in danger.

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