I really can’t stand this school. It makes me want to die. I hate the atmosphere, the people, the studying, the city. The know-it-all poly-sci majors, up-tight pre-meds, the thick-headed athletes. And I don’t know where it’s going or what I’m here for. You wake up and put yourself through class, don’t learn anything, go […]

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Claire was sitting at the counter, eating her canned chili out of a bowl. It was salty and overcooked and she needed to go shopping for more supplies so she could actually cook something. She swallowed a bit of the beefy stuff and washed it down with a gulp of two-buck chuck. The taste of […]

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Nothing Serious

I was hunching over three textbooks and a pile of notebooks, wrapped in my thickest blanket and wearing two pairs of socks, trying to figure out this like impossible homework problem. I’m about to pull my hair out when my phone buzzed and I get this text from Penelope: they wont find my body till […]

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Chris couldn’t wait for this trip to end. She tapped the screen on her phone and her Snapchat wasn’t sending and this was like her last freaking chance to get a message out before her battery died. Why wouldn’t it just send? She wanted to show her friend Vivia a picture of the drawing she […]

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