Edison Avenue

“Why are you turning here?” said Loretta. “It’s faster,” said Mick, spinning the steering wheel. “Umm…OK,” said Loretta. Mick kept his eyes on the road, shifting gears from second to third, accelerating the car onto the black smear of tarmac called Edison Avenue. The high beams cut into the night a few hundred feet, and […]

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Nothing Serious

I was hunching over three textbooks and a pile of notebooks, wrapped in my thickest blanket and wearing two pairs of socks, trying to figure out this like impossible homework problem. I’m about to pull my hair out when my phone buzzed and I get this text from Penelope: they wont find my body till […]

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Chris couldn’t wait for this trip to end. She tapped the screen on her phone and her Snapchat wasn’t sending and this was like her last freaking chance to get a message out before her battery died. Why wouldn’t it just send? She wanted to show her friend Vivia a picture of the drawing she […]

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Mining Earth

The men worked in a tunnel lit by glowing chords strung on the ceiling, their silver suits blackened with earth. Modge dragged a Right Sight scanner on the rock floor because he was too lazy to carry the damn thing. Foreman Turner was discussing something at the face of the rock with Tech Expert Hutchins. […]

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Sleepy Time Harriet

Sleepy time, but I don’t want to because of the nightmares. A dark figure chases me through my dreams. He wears overalls and speaks in a crisp voice. “Hold still,” he says. I don’t run. I can’t. His hands, somehow, grow huge and cup around me. As I get crushed I try to wake myself […]

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Five college friends spend break hanging out in the back country. One night’s ghost story leaves Amy feeling restless, and she soon concludes her friends are in danger.

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